SmartWatch For Nurse

Like smart phones, It’s becoming tough to pick a better smart watch now a days there is several option in market from Apple to Sony, Samsung to Huawei.

For nurse smart watch should be more advanced in which they can track temperature, heart beats and other information. It’s a great tool if all nurse will use it, it will definitely a great idea.

We are here to help you navigate the smart watch world by showing you our favorites and flagging some key questions to ask. Here is some best smart watch brands which you can pick in 2019

Garmin Vivoactive

Google’s Wear OS smartwatch working framework keeps running on watches from LG, Huawei and others and works with Android 4.3 and higher cell phones. Wear OS has thousands of apps optimized for its platform. All of our top picks have built-in GPS, heart rate sensors, mobile-payment tech and swim-tracking,

Apple watch is good but little expensive for many people easy to use, robust health tracking.

Another good smart watch is fitbit, this company promises up to five days of battery life, which is longer than rival devices. If you are a traveller and battery is big issue for you then this can be a wonderful pick or may be perfect pick for you.

Garmin Vivoactive 3 is another new smart watch which is great and you will totally love, but requires you more budget.

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